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Factory Underground TECH: Music Recording and Audio Production School in Norwalk, CT

Factory Underground is pleased to announce we have launched a new business called Factory Underground TECH. This nationally-accredited institute of higher learning is offering several courses (and private lessons) in all areas of music, recording, and video technology.

These include a 20-week flagship course in music production, studio recording, and audio engineering. The course covers all aspects of producing, tracking instruments, working in a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) environment, audio mixing, music mastering. The course also includes several electives in music business and marketing, social media, video production and editing, and more.

At Factory Underground, we believe that the best way to prepare students for employment in the music and recording industry is to provide them with resume-building, hands on, project experience, as they gain knowledge and skill. This intensive lab work is done with a personal mentor to guide the experience, as well as in a professional recording studio environment.

The Factory Underground TECH facility is located on the second floor of 16 Isaac Street, Norwalk, CT, 06850.

For more information about Factory Underground TECH, or to book a tour of our new facility, call (203) 275-8672, or Click Here

Just in: Factory Underground was recently approved by SAG-AFTRA for professional voice-over recording, which is directly related to the professional level of Covid-19 protocols in place for all Factory Underground Studio, and Factory Underground TECH facilities. We take your health and safety very seriously.


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