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"My Fire" Video Feat. Nile Rodgers and Kimberly Davis (Filmed at Factory Underground Studi

Filmed on location at Factory Underground Studio in Norwalk, CT, the "My Fire" video featuring Guitarist-Producer God Nile Rodgers and Kimberly Davis, lead singer of Chic, and song producer Tony Moran, has broken 500,000 views on YouTube.

The video features Nile Rodgers performing on the song in the Factory Underground Control Room with his famous Fender Stratocaster that is referred to as "The Hitmaker," while Tony Moran mixes at the console. Kimberly Davis is showing singing in the main vocal isolation booth. The trio are also shown walking in Downtown Norwalk on West Avenue, though it was actually depicted as a Manhattan street, reinforced by scenes of the group walking in NYC. The video follows them walking off the elevator into Factory Underground for their "recording session."

(We certainly didn't mind them pretending that the Factory Underground is located in Times Square. We have always said that the Factory has a funky New York Soho-industrial feel, minus the traffic congestion and parking tickets.)

The inside story of this video is that studio owner Kenny Cash called our Director of Marketing Marc Alan one day and asked "how we could get Nile Rodgers to come visit the studio (he lives in Westport, CT about a stone's throw away)." The very next day, Marc received a call from film director Patricia Nieto who was looking for a studio to film scenes for a video with Nile Rodgers!

"When Kenny asked me how we could get in touch with Nile, to invite him to come check out the studio, I went through my rolodex to find everyone I knew from my SIR days (Studio Instrument Rentals in New York City) that may be in touch with him. Before I could reach anyone, here comes Patricia calling me from Florida and she had found us on Google. Nile was at the Factory Underground 24 hours later. I still get excited when I think about that moment," Marc says about the experience.

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