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New Music Video "My Fire" from Kimberly Davis of Chic Featuring Nile Rodgers and Producer

From Left to Right Kimberly Davis, Tony Moran, Nile Rodgers at Factory Underground, Norwalk, CT

Factory Underground was proud to welcome DJ Producer Tony Moran this past month, in Norwalk, CT to shoot a music video for his new song “My Fire,” featuring lead vocal by Kimberly Davis of Chic, with guitars by the one and only Nile Rodgers. All three were on hand for the Norwalk video shoot, directed by Patricia Nieto.

Kenny Cash with Nile Rodgers at Factory Underground Studio

The video features the Factory Underground control room, where Rodgers is seen playing guitar, while Davis sings in the vocal booth, with Moran manning the production desk. Other clips show the trio in walking in Downtown Norwalk, and entering the studio arm in arm.

“I’ve heard about Factory Underground for a long time, and was always interested to see what was happening here.” said Nile Rodgers about the Factory Underground.

Nile Rodgers, founder of the group Chic, who has penned top-charting songs as “Le Freak," "I Want Your Love" and "Good Times,” has produced “Who’s Who” list of artists such as Madonna, David Bowie, Sister Sledge, and Daft Punk. The repertoire of songs he has worked on over the years include Bowie’s “Just Dance”, Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” and “Material Girl”, Sister Sledge’s “We are Family”, Diana Ross’s “Upside Down”, Adam Lambert’s “Lay Me Down” and Daft Punk’s “Up All Night To Get Lucky.”

Moran and Davis were thrilled to have Rodgers perform on the track and appear in the video. Kimberly Davis told, “No sane music artist would deny Nile being a part of their project." Where Tony Moran added, “Nile is a true inspiration to the world in his ability to create and shape musical genres.”

Nile Rodgers shows his Fender Telecaster heard on Daft Punk "Up All Night to Get Lucky"

Moran, a highly successful mixer, producer, DJ, and singer-songwriter in his own right, is well known for his remixes of popular songs like Kristine W’s “Walk Away” and Martha Wash’s “Keep your Body Working” which charted at number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play charts. Moran has worked with Madonna, George Michael, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Martha Wash, Janet Jackson, Neyo, Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, Selena Gomez, Kristine W and many others.

The song “My Fire,” which is being released through Curtis Urbin’s dance label Quark Records, is the latest song to feature to the lead vocals of Kimberly Davis who has previously charted on Billboard Hot Club Play Charts with her songs, “Get Up” and “Twist of Love.” Davis is also a featured singer with Nile Rodger’s band Chic. If being premiered on and racking up 130,000 You Tube views in the first week are any indication, “My Fire” is sure to be another hit for the singer.

The Factory Underground Studio is proud to have been a part of Nile Rodgers, Tony Moran, and Kimberly Davis’s new project, and we wish them all the best success with the new single.

It’s kind of fun that scenes shot in Manhattan make it seem like the Factory Underground is in New York City, but it’s great that you see our branding all through the video; the producers were very kind to us in that regard. We really enjoyed hosting the production. Everyone was friendly and super pro as you would expect,” said Marc Alan, Factory Underground Director of Marketing.

Kenny Cash, one of the Factory Underground owners added: “It meant a lot to me professionally having Nile playing guitar in my studio, posting photos of the Factory on his Instagram. We are attracting incredible new artists to the studio every day, but this was definitely one for the books.”

Factory Underground is located at 16 Isaac Street, Norwalk, CT and consists of state of the art digital music recording and video media production. (203) 275-8672

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