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Our Google-Certified experts create a customized promotional strategy around your music video, designed to target potential viewers who match the demographics and tastes of your existing fans and customers. We target people based on the types of videos they watch, things they are searching for, and the YouTube channels they visit. 


By exposing these people to your video through In-Stream Video Ads, you are not only racking up a tremendous amount of views, you are getting real exposure to people most likely to watch and enjoy your content, and become your fans. These are real views, with real engagement, and we provide you with real analytical data that tells you where your video is appearing, how many people people are watching, and how long they are watching. 

As you will read below, we offer different pricing for practically any size budget. You will notice that at each price point, we list a range of numbers for the views your video will actually achieve. The reason for this is because we are promoting to real people, and human beings are often unpredictable creatures.


But there is a certain MAGIC FACTOR that happens when the Google Targeting Algorithm sees the love happening around your video- it starts to push your video higher in search engine results generating a ton of extra traffic. We can't absolutely guarantee this for every video, which is why we ask you to submit your video in advance, because of course the higher the quality of video, the better the results will be. We will always do our best to give as many views of your work as possible.


We often see our Music Video Promotions achieving many times more views than what we shoot for. The Platinum Campaign we ran for blues artist Tom The Suit Forst around his recent video "Late Night Train" achieved over 225,000 views. True viral action!


And just to let you in on a little not-so-secret, Factory Underground also produced, directed and edited this particular music video. As far as we know, we are one of the only privately owned companies in the world that doing this high quality of Video Production and Video Promotion in-house. We take both aspects of video marketing very seriously because we believe that great videos deserve maximum exposure. 

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Tom The Suit Forst - Late Night Train


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    7500 - 10,000+ Views

    Real Likes

    Real Subscribers


    15,000 - 20,000+ Views

    Real Likes

    Real Subscribers

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    22,500 - 30,000+ Views

    Real Likes

    Real Subscribers


    35,000 - 50,000+ Views

    Real Likes

    Real Subscribers

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Factory Underground Media is a part of Factory Underground Studio, a privately-owned business located in the heart of Downtown, Norwalk, CT. In addition to providing Music Video Promotion, we offer a dynamic array of Artist Development Services, including Music Marketing and Distribution.  We also offer state-of-the-art Digital Recording, and Video Production/Editing, all of which is done in our 10,000 square foot production facility. Our staff is a highly accomplished team of music industry veterans, Google-Certified digital marketing specialists, producers, engineers, videographers, editors, graphic designers, and internet web specialists. Please visit our main site to see more of what we do, and come take a tour of our facility when you're in our area!

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