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New Tobin Mueller Jazz Masterpiece: Prestidigitation

Prestidigitation is Mueller's latest studio recording, mixed by Kenny Cash at Factory Underground Studio. The album is a follow up to Mueller's celebrated 2018 double CD, Standard Deviations.

Prestidigitation presents fresh arrangements of contemporary fusion, jazz and funk.

Extending the experience of Standard Deviations, which focused on the greatest songs from the first generation of jazz masters, Mueller brings unique arranging skills to the second generation.

Prestidigitation celebrates the founders of fusion, including: Weather Report, Herbie Hancock's Head Hunters and Chick Corea's Return to Forever. In addition, he covers cross-over funk masters Tower of Power, Stevie Wonder and Sly Stone. Frank Zappa also makes the cut, an artist whose compositions expanded the boundaries of fusion over several decades. The same goes for Yes and Happy the Man, two progressive rock bands who often incorporated jazz influences into their innovative music. Not to be forgotten, important precursors John Coltrane and Bill Evans supply their own brand of timeless elegance. Lastly, Mueller contributes an original piece just for the album, the title track: "Prestidigitation". The album features masterful performances by Grammy winning guitarist Paul Nelson, best known for his work with the Johnny Winter Band.


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