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Did you know that, according to the latest figures from Spotify, over 60,000 songs are uploaded to the streaming platform every single day!

With so much streaming competition, it's never been more important to have a Spotify Promotional plan in place even before your song is released, to give your song the best possible chance of success! 

FACTORY UNDERGROUND SPOTIFY PROMOTIONS begin with a highly visual PRE-SAVE PROMOTION that is designed to integrate with your social media. We enlist your fans to help move your song from the Spotify Release Radar to the Discover Weekly Playlist, where your numbers can really explode.















Once your song is released and available, we move into a CHANNEL FOLLOWER PROMOTION, attracting new monthly listeners. This is real, targeted promotion combined with social media advertising, exposing your music to fans of the kind of music you create. 

Finally, we offer a highly evolved PLAYLIST PROMOTION, which we believe is superior to all of the companies offering automated promotions that guarantee a large number of (fake) streams, and (even more fake) monthly listeners! These types of services are simply terrible, and can really damage your accounts! Want Proof? Read This! 







What makes FACTORY UNDERGROUND different?


We take an honest, old-fashioned approach to Playlisting. We operate the way the best Radio Promotors in the business operate, promoting directly to the TOP SPOTIFY PLAYLISTERS, with whom we have long standing, personal relationships.


We strategize the best playlists to go after, where your music will not only fit best, but be exposed to the right audience for your type of music. This allows you to build your fan base with actively engaged monthly listeners, giving your track the greatest chance at being picked up by a SPOTIFY EDITORIAL PLAYLIST. This is where your streams can skyrocket into the tens of thousands. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 4.46.44 PM.png

One Secret of Spotify Success is creating a high level of active engagement around your tracks on Spotify, and on Social Media. 

This is a key building block to activating the Spotify Algorithm, gaining positive attention of the Spotify Playlist Curators, while building your monthly listeners and streams in an organic and healthy way.

We get your music trending!


This type of advanced Music Promotion, used by Major Record Labels, is available at scalable pricing that is affordable to Independent Music Artists.  No matter where you are in your Artist Journey, Factory Underground's team of music industry veterans is ready to take your music career to the next level. 

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