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Vicki F's New Single “Supermarket Song” Produced by Ethan Isaac

One of our favorite clients, Connecticut-based singer-songwriter Vicki F, is back in the news with a new single “Supermarket Song.” The track, produced by Ethan Isaac, and mixed by Kenny Cash, was recorded at Factory Underground Studio.

The single is the first song available from Vicki F’s upcoming EP, “Perfect Here,” which launches world wide on March 26, 2021. For now, fans have “Supermarket Song” to enjoy from the album, which they can enjoy on Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, YouTube, and Apple iTunes.

For Vicki F, a punk rocker from the original New Haven punk scene of the late 70’s, whose band Troupe DeCoupe performed at Ron’s Place, and CBGB in New York City, “Perfect Here” is Vicki F’s second work since reemerging from an extended hiatus from music.

Inspired to begin writing songs again by the passing of a close friend who had always believed in her, Vicki F has picked up where she once left off, taking her music and music career to a new place.

This happier place for Vicki F seems to be the “Perfect Here.”

Click here to stream on your favorite streaming outlet:


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