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New Video from Bruce James: Dedicated to Life

Long-time Factory Underground client Bruce James, a Connecticut based singer/songwriter has teamed up with Josue Avila to deliver a an inspiring musical message of thanks and gratitude to the men and women in all Departments of “First Responders”…..Police, Fire, Emt’s, Doctors, Nurses, Medical Technicians, and all who are selflessly dedicated to the preservation of Life.

Thank You!

“Dedicated to Life” Words and Music by Bruce James

Produced by: Bruce James, Josue Avila

Video Production and editing: Guzman Gonzales

Filmed on location at Factory Underground Studios, Norwalk, Ct

"The Players” Bruce James- Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar

Josue Avila- Lead Vocal, Keyboards, Bass, Programming

Mark Vollenweider- Drums

For more information about Factory Underground Studio:


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