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Factory Underground's Ethan Isaac (Edisun) Releases Documentary "Bulletproof Wings"

Factory Underground Studio is pleased to announce the release of "Bulletproof Wings," a feature documentary about the rock band Edisun, chronicling their years performing for United States Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Watch "Bulletproof Wings" on Tubi TV.

"Bulletproof Wings" features Ethan Isaac, Co-Owner of Factory Underground Studio and Lead Vocalist for Edisun, who was recruited by Armed Forces Entertainment to boost the morale of US troops in the Middle East in 2005.

It was an incredible all-hands-on-deck effort by the film's Emmy nominated Producer Amanda Ozment, Director Lory Ambrosini, and the entire team at Factory Underground.

Audio restoration, post-edit sound production, voice over recording, and post-mixing was provided by Factory Underground's Kenny Cash, Tom Stewart, and Billy Gardella.

Final credits and additional editing were provided by John Shyloski, Guzmán González, with digital animation by Holly Danger.

Marketing, Publicity, and Social Media were provided by Marc Alan, Evan Katz and Amy Holomakoff.

Edisun's tours (and this film) would not have been possible without Dan Monaghan, Edisun's Tour Manager and Sound Engineer who is also featured in the film.

We would also be remiss in not acknowledging our Factory Underground Interns who spent hours with Amanda, pouring over 200 hours of footage collected by the band in the Middle East to find every moment you see in the final cut.

"Bulletproof Wings" is out now on Tubi TV. Hope you enjoy it!


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