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Senators Jerry Moran and Richard Blumenthal Demand Answers From Ticketmaster

The two Senators questioned Live Nation Entertainment’s (parent company of Ticketmaster) President/CEO Michael Rapino about the recent allegations about Ticketmaster’s collusion with scalpers (Find out more here: LINK) Sen. Moran and Sen. Blumenthal sponsored the Better Online Ticket Sales Act which prohibits the circumvention of ticket-buying limits. In a public letter, the Senators ask Ticketmaster to answer the following questions by 5pm on October 5th:

  1. Describe the event ticket purchasing limits that Ticketmaster currently employs for sales on its primary ticket sales platform. Additionally, how does the company identify computer programs used to circumvent these purchasing limits?

  1. Do Ticketmaster’s ticket purchasing limits and associated detection practices apply to users of its online program, TradeDesk? If not, please explain.

  1. What are the specific rules and processes of compliance for participating TradeDesk users as it relates to ticket purchasing limits and other relevant consumer protection priorities? Please share any documents and guidance materials that are provided to TradeDesk users.

  1. What role does Ticketmaster’s Professional Reseller Handbook play in deterring its resellers from engaging in illegal ticket purchasing activities?

So far Live Nation/Ticketmaster has denied any partnership with ticket scalpers.

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