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New Investigation Found That Ticketmaster is Working With Ticket Scalpers

A new investigation by reporters from The Star and CBC found that Ticketmaster is working with ticket scalpers. Ticketmaster is one of the largest ticketers in the world and on several occasions has publicly condemned ticket scalping. However when two reporters posed as small-time scalpers at the Ticket Summit 2018 convention, they found out that Ticketmaster is facilitating scalping. Sales staff from Ticketmaster pitched a software program that helped bulk buyers resell thousands of tickets. The members-only tool, called Trade Desk, allows scalpers to sync their Ticketmaster accounts with their online resale operation. It also gives Ticketmaster a commission on every “verified resale.” The Trade Desk sales executive claimed that there is a total separation between Ticketmaster and Trade Desk and that they will not share any reports with the primary side of the company in regards to individuals with multiple accounts buying up tickets. Ticketmaster said in a statement that the report is “categorically untrue” and has started an internal review of their reseller accounts and employee practices to prevent abuse of the system. (source)

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