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New Music Streaming Platform for Indie Artists and Labels and Study Finds that Youtube is most Popul

Artists receive very low payouts from streaming services with Spotify only paying $0.00437 per stream. A new streaming company, Humbolt, is trying to give artists a more fair payout. The company describes itself as an “ethical” indie streaming music service. The service works by having listeners subscribe to artists or labels they want to listen to rather than the platform’s entire catalog. Humbolt said, “Why pay $9.99 for millions of songs you’ll never listen to?”


A study from Midia Research found that music fans aged 16 through 44 use YouTube as their go-to app. Music is the most popular category on YouTube with 32 percent of all views being music related and 58 percent of all consumers stream music content on YouTube. This could be why Google recently announced YouTube Music, a streaming service. (source)

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