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Factory Underground Studio in BlackBook Magazine!


An article published today in BlackBook Magazine, a national art and lifestyle magazine, written by Kenneth Scrdato about ultra cool and fun things to do on a Weekend Getaway to Norwalk, CT, listed Factory Underground, and we are so very honored. Reprinted from this article: "Amongst many great failures of infrastructure and urban planning, the lack of worthwhile public spaces connecting the citizenry to the city's waterways is a particularly glaring one. But what if you could jump an MTA train, head an hour north and be around all sorts of watery wonders? You'd be in Norwalk, of course - one of Connecticut's most urbane, good looking harbor towns, and arguably a still under construction getaway from Gotham. Tri-staters, obviously, have the tendency to make for New England every spring and for all the obvious reasons. But we've been popping up to Norwalk for about as long as we can remember, especially for its restaurant-rich, historic Sono District - which also happens to be right on the harbor. Come spring, the beaches, bicycling and boating opportunities are like siren songs for stressed out urbanistas. But we recently made a well-fed Winter weekend of it, complete with one of the prettiest snowfalls we've ever experienced."
About Factory Underground Studio: "This is a great diversion from the usual, even for music geeks, Book a tour of this thriving studio, and enjoy the anecdotes of owner Ethan Isaac and his amiable staff. You'll get a behind-the-scenes peek at vintage guitars being repaired; perhaps meet the next-great singer-songwriter writing that next great song in one of the rehearsal rooms; and watch raw video footage being edited into something exciting. Check with them about the occasional on-site special event."

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