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New Live Music Video Featuring Indie Alt Pop Duo Che-Val Produced at Factory Underground Recording S

Che-Val - The Lead (Live from the Factory Underground

Factory Underground Studio is pleased to announce a new live music video "The Lead" from indie alt-pop duo Che-Val that it produced and recorded in it's Downtown Norwalk, Connecticut multi-media production facility. Che-Val, consisting of husband and wife Kenny and Laura Cash, undertook the live project to commemorate their first child Giabella; Laura was seven months pregnant at the time of the session. The session consisted of a live acoustic piano played by Kenny Cash, with live vocals performed by Laura. The session was captured in the soundstage of the Factory Underground. The recording was produced and mixed, with the video co-directed by Aiden Gerety and Tom Stewart, with editing by Gerety. Gerety and Stewart are staff engineers who are part of the Factory Underground In-House Video Production Crew. The sound of the Wurlitzer Baby Grand Piano was captured by a stereo pair of Beyerdynamic M160 ribbon microphones. These are phenomenal for recording a wide range of sounds, particularly acoustic instruments. Laura's vocal was captured with the detail precision of a Neumman U-87 large diaphragm condenser microphone. Post-production mixing included use of Factory Underground's new Universal Audio Maaq EQ4 plug in, which according to Kenny was "perfect for highlighting the "air" of Laura's lush and beautiful voice." As Che-Val, Kenny and Laura have been writing, recording and performing their original music over the past four years. They released their debut album "Waterproof" in 2016, with world-distribution and promotion, that includes the studio version of "The Lead." Other songs from what are being called "Che-Val's Lullaby Sessions" include "I'm Yours," another song from their "Waterproof" album. "I'm Yours" was a country-cross over radio single that earned world-wide country radio spin. There were also four cover songs including "Say Something" by A Great Big World, "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen, "The Way You Make Me Feel" by Michael Jackson and a Prince Medley which included "How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore," "Beautiful Ones," and "Nothing Compares to You." A black and white video for "Hallelujah" is now available on Che-Val's own YouTube channel, with other songs from the "Lullaby Sessions" coming later this year.

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