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Presenting Factory Underground TECH: Higher Education in Music Recording, Audio and Video Production

Factory Underground is proud to announce the launch of our new educational institution Factory Underground Tech. An accredited post-secondary school, that is comprised of a campus learning center, recording studios, computer labs and student lounge, Factory Underground Tech is located at 16 Isaac Street in Norwalk, CT.

A website for the school, which can be found at was officially launched on December 10, 2020. Design for the website was done by Guzman Gonzales, of the Factory Underground Studio Graphic/Web Development Team. Viewers of the site are immediately struck by the vibrant use of a color that has been described as red-pink, salmon pink.

"We wanted to brand the school with its own unique color, apart from the red and black that is a part of the Factory Underground Studio logo. To my knowledge this is the first commercial usage of this particular tone, that I also brought out in the school logo as well. The color has an uplifting and vibrant feeling, which reflects the experience we want our students to have when they come to school here," said Gonzales, who is an instructor of graphic design and video production/editing.

The school is now accepting enrollment for the Winter 20/21 Semester, and advanced enrollment for Spring/Summer 2021. The school offers a 20-week course curriculum, with shorter elective courses, and longer-term options. A custom curriculum is also available to the student that desires a particular area of focus, such as video production and editing.

The Course Curriculum for Factory Underground Tech includes:

  • Modern Studio Recording (Apple Logic and Avid Pro-Tools)

  • Advanced Recording Techniques

  • Mixing and Mastering

  • Music Production

  • Music Composition for Film

  • General Audio Engineering

  • Live Audio Engineering

  • Songwriting

  • Musical Instrument Technology and Performance

  • Vocal Recording (Microphones, Preamps, Microphone Technique, Signal Flow)

  • Advance Vocal Production (Layering, Tuning, Editing)

  • Film/Video Post Production

  • ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement)

  • Video Production (Cameras, Lighting, On-Set Production)

  • Video Editing

  • Commercial Live Streaming (Video and Audio)

  • Graphic Arts

  • Website Development

  • Music Business, Social Media, and Marketing

"We developed the Factory Underground Tech curriculum around the idea that gaining employment in the industry requires more than a degree or certificate, and a generally broad knowledge. It requires a thorough working knowledge of the technology. This is where I believe we set ourselves apart from a traditional 4-Year Bachelor of Arts Degree Program," said Marc Alan, Director of Marketing for Factory Underground Tech.

"While receiving advanced lessons in theory and techniques, our students are working in a professional studio alongside music industry veteran producers, engineers and musicians. They are also working in project labs, gaining hands-on project experience. So they are building their resume while they are in school, and have a website of their own by the time they graduate.

"We also believe that to gain a job in the industry today requires more than learning music, audio, or video. We believe in cross-educating so our students attain skills in all of these areas."

For more information about Factory Underground Tech, contact: (203) 275-8672 or email


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